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Patricia Hunter - Winter Haven

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Mike Taylor - Lakeland

Dr. N. E. Roberts (D) - Lakeland

Ann Birdsong - Winter Haven

Sandra O. Johns - Lakeland

James Driskell - Lakeland

County and Circuit Judges:  2

County Judge Timothy Coon (Ret) - Lakeland
      County Judge Dana Moore - Winter Haven

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Attorney Shirley Pellarchy - Lakeland

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Glenethel Collins - Bartow

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Dr. Wendell Blake (Ret) - Lakeland

Dr. Evan Chambers (Ret) - Lakeland

Dr. Ayanna Rolette - Lakeland

Dr. Kris Michelle Guerrier - Lakeland

Dr. Dannie Earl - Lakeland

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Dr. Joe N. Pinkston - Lakeland 

Dr. William Nerestant - Lakeland

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Dr. Edward "Chris" Quary - Lakeland

Dr. Donzell Floyd (Ret) - Winter Haven

Dr. Shalay Rhoden - Lakeland

Dr. Choretta Dickens (Ret) - Lakeland

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Mildred Blake (Ret) - Lakeland

Tereather "Tee" White (Ret) -Lakeland

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      Reverend William Boss - Lakeland
      Reverend Jimmy Downing - Lakeland

      Reverend Alex Harper - Lakeland   
      Reverend Walter Laidler - Lakeland
      Reverend Eddie Lake - Lakeland

Reverend N. S. Sanders - Lakeland

Reverend Jerry Smith - Lakeland

Elder H.B. Holmes, Jr. - Lakeland

Presiding Elder Jimmy Thompson - Lakeland

Reverend E. T. Pickett III - Lakeland

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Kay Fields - Lakeland
      Mayor Eugene Fultz - Lake Wales

Vice Mayor Leo Longworth - Bartow
 McCuthen - Fort Meade
      Mayor Morris West - Haines City 

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Captain Mark Calhoun - Lakeland (Sheriff Dept.)

Detention Chief Bryant Grant - Winter Haven (Sheriff Dept.)

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Hazel Perkins Gray - (Ret) Lakeland,

Carrie Laidler - (Ret) Lakeland

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Dr. Harvey Lester - Bartow

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        Latha Murphy Speed (Ret) - Lakeland

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Dr. Kenneth James - Winter Haven

Ethel Smith - Lakeland

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Mildred McMillon - Lakeland

Glenda Jones - Winter Haven

Larry Mitchell - Lakeland

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Doris Moore Bailey - Lakeland 
      Frankie Glover - Lakeland 

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Harlem Turner - Lakeland

Frankie Smith -Bradley

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Doris Moore Bailey - Lakeland
      LaFrancine K. Burton -

Clifton Lewis - Bartow

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Ruby Williams - Bealsville

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Charles Oldham - Lakeland
      Harry Oldham -

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Earl Moore - Lakeland

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Twinkie Robinson - Lakeland

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(AKA) - Lakeland

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Doris Hicks (FAMU) - Lakeland

Freddie Austin (D) (Washington Park/Rochelle) Lakeland

Leroy Smith (Edward Waters) Lake Wales

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Wanda Howard  (D) - Lake Wales

Ernestine Davis - Winter Haven

Faye Bellamy - Winter Haven

Ruben Darby - Winter Haven

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Timothy Randolph - Lakeland

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Walter Brown - Lakeland
        Jacqueline Ivey - Lakeland 

U. J. Johnson (D) - Winter Haven
       Yvonne McShay - Lakeland

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Norris Riggs - Lakeland

Pamela White (D) - Bartow

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Clarence Childs - FL
       Ray O'Neal (D) - MD

Lawrence Cole - CA

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      Clarence Childs - Lakeland (Football)

Ken Riley - Bartow (D) (Football)

Alan B. Mills - Lakeland  (Baseball)

Herbert "Sporty" Dixon - Bartow  (Golf)

Willie Horton - Lakeland  (Baseball)

  Hashim El-Tinay, Ph.D.
Hashim El-Tinay, Ph.D.

As founder and president of Salam Sudan Foundation (SSF) since 1985, Dr. Hashim El-Tinay tried to intellectually and spiritually pre-empt Muslim and Christian communities going down the road of violence and what many of us saw as a gathering storm of anger between Islam and the West that could lead to a clash of civilizations.

"I have a lifetime involvement in serving the cause of understanding and peace through friendships and exchanges since my university years. Professionally, I served as a Sudanese diplomat, and a staff at the World Bank, UNESCO and the international NGO World University Service (WUS) in Geneva, Switzerland. I am now President of my private consultancy firm El-Tinay & Associates, operating out of Washington, DC and hopefully soon out of Khartoum, Sudan."

After September 11, 2001 in addition to continuing my peace advocacy through public speaking and writing, my activities included partnering with the DOS Public Diplomacy Dept on the open dialogue speaking tour to Jordan and Lebanon in December 2002 and welcoming, accompanying, interpreting for and speaking to various international visitors at our offices, the Meridian International Center or the Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington (IFC).

As you will see, we have been advocating for and supporting the move towards a peace-centered foreign policy vis-à-vis the Sudan, and happy that in a modest way we contributed through advocacy to arriving at the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in Sudan. Please see our Newsletter: The Peace Quest Messenger at:

Strategically, we believe that by building on the CPA, supporting the peace process in Sudan and improving Muslim-Christian-Jewish as well as African, Middle Eastern and Sudanese-American relations, we are well equipped to contribute, in the long term, to peace through better understanding and thus help bring an end to extremism, terrorism and violence.

In peace/salam,


Hashim El-Tinay, Ph.D.

Salam Sudan Foundation (SSF)
1615 L Street, NW Suite 340
shington, DC 20036

SSF a Washington DC-based 501 (C) 3 Think Tank/NGO working, since 1985, locally and globally, for justice, peace, democracy and human rights, thru intercultural and interfaith research, education, dialogue and cooperation and the promotion of a thoughtful dialogue of cultures, civilizations and religions.



Hashim El-Tinay, Ph.D. Resume:


Founder/President                                        President/HE & Associates
Salam Sudan Foundation (SSF)                 Communications Consultants

1615 L Street, NW Suite 340                      1615 L Street, NW Suite 340
Washington, D.C. 20036                             Washington, D.C. 20036

(202) 429-0222 office                                  (202) 429-0222 office

(202) 429-1867 fax                                       (202) 429-1867 fax                                                         http://www.he& (soon)




HE & Associates

Communications consultants

Public speaking, writing, and providing cross-cultural and interfaith communications and international relations consultancy services

Washington, DC, USA 


1985- Present


Salam Sudan Foundation (SSF)
A non-profit think tank/NGO working since 1985 for justice, peace, democracy, human Rights and development, locally and globally, through cross-cultural and interfaith research, education, dialogue and cooperation.  
Washington, D.C., USA

1981 International Consultant
Division of Philosophy, Social Sciences' Department,
United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Paris, France.

1979 - 1981 Liaison Officer
Department of External Relations and International Cooperation,
United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Paris, France.

1978 -1979 International Consultant, International Relations and Communications, Jeune Afrique Publishing Group, Paris, France.

1975 - 1978 Public Affairs Specialist, Information and Public Affairs Department,
The World Bank, Washington, D.C., USA.

1973 - 1975 Associate General Secretary, World University Service (WUS), Geneva, Switzerland.

1972 -1973 Chargé d'Affaires, Embassy of Sudan, Lagos, Nigeria.

1972 Deputy Director, Department of Eastern Europe, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Khartoum, Sudan.

1970 - 1971 Director, External Relations Department, National Council of Scientific Research, Khartoum, Sudan

1969 -1970 Director, Minister's Cabinet
Ministry of Youth, Sports, Social and Religious Affairs, Khartoum, Sudan

1969 Deputy Director, Department of Western Europe, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Khartoum, Sudan

1968 Chargé d'affaires, Embassy of Sudan, Paris, France

1965 Third Secretary, African Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Khartoum, Sudan

Experience in the service of Peace, Democracy, Human, People's
and Cultural Rights & in Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's)

2002-present Board member, National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund (NCPTF), Washington, DC.

1999-present Muslim Member at Large of the Assembly of the Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington, (IFC) and member of IFC's Commission on Economic and Social Justice, Washington, DC.

1985 - Present Founder & President, Salam...Sudan Foundation (SSF)
(Center for the Defense of Democracy and Human Rights in the Sudan).

SSF is a think tank and a research and advocacy center involved in the search of a new universal paradigm for justice, dignity, peace, development, democracy, human, people's & cultural rights for all in the 21st century. Paris, France.

Salam Sudan played a leading role in and contributed to the international mobilization against the second military dictatorship in the Sudan (1969-1985) and its 1983 arbitrary imposition of Islamic laws, and its eventual peaceful demise in April, 1985.

1993 - 1997 Founder & Editor-in-Chief Le Messager (The Messenger), a Cross cultural and an Interfaith Publication Paris, France. (Temporarily suspended for lack of funding). It will continue in 2005 as "The Peace Quest Messenger" once funding becomes available.

1994-1998 Secretary General, Christian Islamic Friendship Association, Paris, France

1986 parliamentary candidate, Um-Rawaba, Sudan

1984 - 1987 Member of the Executive Committee
The International Association of Democratic Jurists, Brussels, Belgium.

1982-1997 Vice-President
African Jurists' Association (AJA), Paris, France

1964-1965 Vice-President
Khartoum University Student's Union (KUSU), University of Khartoum
Khartoum, Sudan

1964 Member, National Professional Front (NPF)
As Vice-President of the Khartoum University Student Union (KUSU) represented
KUSU in the National Professional Front (NPF) the Organization that led the peaceful Civil disobedience that brought an end to Sudan's first military dictatorship.
Khartoum, Sudan

1962-1965 Secretary General
World University Service (WUS), Sudanese National Committee,
University of Khartoum, Sudan

1962-1964 Vice Chairman
Law Society, Faculty of Law, University of Khartoum, Khartoum, Sudan

1962 - 1965 Founding Vice-President
Sudanese American Students' Friendship Society, University of Khartoum
Khartoum, Sudan

1961 -1964 Founding Secretary General
Sudanese German Students' Friendship Society, Khartoum, Sudan

Public Speaking


2005 "Faith-Based Peace Building: A Vision for the 21st Century", a Keynote address before the Donors and Peace-Building Actors, The Hague, the Netherlands.


2005 "Peace, War and Governance in the Sudan: Toward a new Paradigm",
a lecture at the Darfur crisis organized by the Brown University Darfur Action Network, Providence, Rhode Island.

2005 "The Sudan Comprehensive Peace Agreement: Where do we go from here?" Remarks on Salam Sudan foundation's vision, mission and advocacy work for peace at the SSF Panel discussion co-sponsored by CSID, Washington, DC.

2004 « Islam, Muslims and the Future of civilization: a vision for the 21st century », presented at the November 2004 international conference entitled: Islam and Muslims in the 21st century, organized by the Yarmouk University and the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Amman, Jordan .

1999 "Freedom: An Islamic Perspective", Celebrating Freedom: An Interfaith Service. The Religion Communicators Council, Washington DC Chapter, and the Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington, The Washington Cathedral Washington, D.C., USA

1998 "Mohammed, Messenger of Peace, Dignity and Justice", International Conference on the Shapers of World Religions, Washington, DC. USA.

1996 "Islam and the West: Towards Mutual Destruction or Mutual Renewal?
Ethics, International Relations and the New World Order at the Dawn of the 21st Century", a paper presented at the First International Conference of the International Islamic Forum for Science Technology and Human Resources Development, Jakarta, Indonesia.

1996 "Re-enforcing interfaith activities in the United States: New Perspectives",
Friday prayer sermon, Howard University, Washington DC, USA

1996 Human rights in Islam" before members of the association, Christian Action against Torture (ACAT), Paris, France.

1995 "Islam, a Message of Peace and Solidarity", before members of the Movement against racism and for friendship among peoples, Aurillac, France.

1995 "Islam and the West: Towards an enlightened and a soul-searching dialogue", Centre for Strategic studies, Khartoum, Sudan.

1995 How can the geo-religious phenomenon become a factor of peace and prosperity?" before members of the Christian Muslim Friendship association, the French Senate, Luxembourg Palace, Paris, France.

1994 "Africa and a new world order at the dawn of the 21st century: when utopia becomes a necessity", before the students of the School for Interpreters and Translators (ESIT), The University of the New Sorbonne (Paris III), Dauphine Paris, France.

1993 "Abel and Cain, Palestine and South Africa: towards a universal spiritual renewal!", before members of the Christian Muslim Friendship association, the French Senate, Luxembourg Palace, Paris, France.

1993 "South-South cooperation: New perspectives" before senior officials of various third world countries at the International Center for Pedagogic Studies, Sèvre, France.

1989 "Reflections on Sudanese culture, ideological and political crisis" before members of the Sudanese Social Center, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

1978 "The role of Arab development financing in African development", before students of the political science faculty, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

1973 "Peace and human rights in Africa", at the University of Bujumbura, Burundi.

1973 "Democracy and participation: a pre-requisite for authentic development", before students and faculty members, Ibadan University, Ibadan, Nigeria.

1964 "Some aspects of Sudanese culture", the International Club, University of Cambridge, the United Kingdom.

1964 "Heir of the famous Nile Valley civilization, contemporary Sudan aspires to be a symbiosis of African and Arab cultures", the Students Union, the University of Bonn, Germany.

Television Interviews


2005 "The Darfur Tragedy: What to do?", Foreign Exchange with Farid Zakaria, Washington, DC

2005 " The Quran, Guantanamo and Terrorism" Algazira


2000 Democracy, Islam and Peace in the Sudan, Sudanese television Omdurman, Sudan. (Arabic).

1996 "Islam and democracy in France: Towards a new beginning" Sudanese television Omdurman, Sudan (Arabic)

1994 "Islam and the new international order", Channel 2, French public TV
Paris, France (French).

1993 "Islam and the West", Channel 2, French public TV, Paris, France (French).

1986 "In defense of democracy and human rights", Sudanese television, Omdurman, Sudan (Arabic).

73- 85 Interview on development issues to TV stations in the following countries:
Algeria, Cameroon, Canada, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Senegal, USA, Sudan, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Zaire, BBC, Radio France International.



Television production:

1970 -71 Conceived, produced and presented "The World of Jazz and Music",
a popular musical program on American Music, for the Sudanese Television, Omdurman, Sudan.

Radio interviews:


2005 Sudan Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), BBC


2005 Darfur and the Sudan Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), Radio One, Maryland (English).

2000 Democracy, Islam and Peace in the Sudan, Sudanese television Omdurman, Sudan. (Arabic).

1996 Guest of the weekly cultural program "The cultural evening", Sudanese radio, Omdurman, Sudan.

1990 - 96 Interview by various radio stations on Africa, Islam, the Arab World and current world issues, Paris, France.

1988 Guest of the weekly cultural program" In the twilight circle", Abu Dhabi radio, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

1985 "In defense of democracy, human and peoples' rights", Sudanese radio
Omdurman, Sudan.

1985 "In defense of democracy, human and peoples' rights", radio Moscow, USSR.

1973 - 2004 Various interviews on issues pertaining to the role of awareness of cultural diversity in international understanding and peace, democracy
and participation, the new international order, to radio stations of the following countries: Algeria, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Canada, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Malaysian, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Senegal, Sudan, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai), United States of America.

Publications, News paper Interviews and Articles

2005-02-10 « Sudan's Long March toward Peace », World Peace Herald.

2005-02-21 US Foreign Policy Shift: Sudan Long March to Peace", the Washington Informer.

2000 Various TV, radio and news paper interviews on social and economic justice, peace, democracy and human rights, Khartoum, Sudan.

1996 "A New Africa...a New World!? Reflections on Africa and the world of the 1990s", an article published by the Palestinian independent daily
Al-Quds Al-Arabi, London, the United Kingdom. (Arabic).

1994 "Muslim intellectuals and the challenge of modernity ", interview with the Sudanese Independent daily Akhbar El-Youm, Khartoum, Sudan. (Arabic).

April 1996 "Islam, democracy and human rights", interview with the Sudanese independent weekly Akhbar El-Mujtama'a, Khartoum, Sudan. (Arabic).

April 1996 "Towards an enlightened dialogue between Islam and the West", interview with the Government paper El-Sudan El-Hadith, Khartoum, Sudan. (Arabic).

March 1996 "The Nile Valley: Beyond Security Council Resolution 1044", Sudan Focus, London, UK (English).

Dec 1995 "Faith and Cultural Revolution": editorial, Le Messager, Paris, France (French).

Dec 1995 "France: God, Islam and the Republic", Le Messager, Paris, France (French).

Sept 1995 "Islam and the Ethics of War", L'Armement, French Defense Ministry (DGA) periodical special issue on Religion and War, Paris, France (French).

Feb 1995 "Hashim El-Tinay, Salam...Sudan and the Christian, Muslim Friendship Group", an article, the 18TH OF THE MONTH, the magazine of the 18th District, Paris, France.

1995 "What is Salam ...Sudan?": Multiplicites, Paris, France.

Feb 1995 "The World Bank: 50 years of misery for the poor!?", editorial, Le Messager, Paris, France (French).

1995 "Islam in France: accepting pluralism", Paris-Plus, Paris, France.

Aug 1994 "Black is beautiful: Palestine and South Africa; a hymn for liberation", editorial Le Messager, Paris, France (French).

Aug 1993 "Islam and the West: From Permanent Crusades to a Dialogue of Civilizations?!" editorial Le Messager, Paris, France (French).

May 1993 "Pope Jean Paul II in Africa: the symbolic of a pilgrimage", editorial, Le Messager, Paris, France, (French).

March 1993: "Islam, Democracy and Human Rights", editorial Le Messager
Paris, France (French).

March 1993 "Whither the Sudan: an authentic cultural revolution or a permanent Coup d'Etat?!" Le Messager, Paris, France (French).

Feb 1993 "Ramadan and Lent: fasting Muslims and Christians: towards spiritual unity", editorial, Le Messager, Paris, France, (French).

Jan 1993 "Dialogue of cultures and religions: a pre-requisite for promoting a true culture of human dignity and peace", editorial, Le Messager, Paris, France, (French).

Jan 1992 "Africa of the 1990s: towards a new re-birth?" Al-Forsan Weekly, Paris, France, (Arabic).

Oct 1991 "The Muslim World: the Ideology of Misery and the Misery of Ideology", Perspectives Africaines, Dijon, France (French).

Jan 1991 "The Arab World: the Tragedy of Divisiveness", Al-Khaleej Newspaper, Sharjah, United Arabic Emirates (Arabic).

June 1990 "The wisdom and awakening in the south-south dialogue" Al-Bayan, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, (Arabic).

May 1990 "The awakening of humanity...and the humanness of the awakening", Al-Bayan, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, (Arabic).

March 1990 "Farewell to Sadness (adieu tristesse)", a literary reflection on the state of the Muslim and Arab world s, Al-Bayan, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, (Arabic).

Oct 1986 "Revolution and improvisation in the Sudan", the independent Al-Siayassa, Khartoum, Sudan, (Arabic).

July 1986 "Reflections on the Sudanese crisis of ideology and politics",
Al-Siayassa, Khartoum, Sudan, (Arabic).

July 1986 "Towards a new diplomacy of the third democracy in the Sudan",
Al-Siayassa, Khartoum, Sudan, (Arabic).

Oct 1984 "UNESCO, the West and the Rest", Commercial Law Gazette
New Delhi, India, (English).

Nov. 1972 "A Strong Sudan...a strength for Africa", Nigerian Tribune, Lagos, Nigeria, (English).

Sept 1973 "The United Nations and the Third World", Nigerian Tribune, Lagos, Nigeria, (English).

Feb 1969 "The Sudanese Diplomacy: a Critical analysis", the independent
Al-Ayam, Khartoum, Sudan, (Arabic).

Oct 1965 "The role of the Sudanese intellectual in social development",
Al Khartoum Magazine, Khartoum, Sudan, (Arabic).

1964 "Merowe of Yesterday: Shendi of today": The First Farmers-Students' voluntary work camp in the Sudan, an article published by WUS News, Geneva, Switzerland, (English).

1962-1965 Various news papers interviews in Sudan, Germany, Britain, Sweden, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan.

Research, Study Papers, Publications, Translations:



2005 "Peace, war and Governance in the Sudan: toward a new paradigm", a paper presented at a Brown University, Watson Institute Conference on the Darfur crisis in Sudan.

2004 "Islam Muslims and the future of civilization: A Vision for the 21st Century" a paper presented at the Amman, Jordan Conference on Islam and Muslims in the 21st century.

2003 Contributed to the book: Faith-Based Diplomacy: Trumping Realpolitik, edited by Douglas Johnston, president, International center for Religion and Diplomacy.

2003 Spirituality, faith and world peace: toward a new peace paradigm for the 21st century.

1994 Translated the book "Islam and Christianity" from English into French Paris, France.

1994 Translated the book "The Comprehensive National Strategy of the Sudan 1992-2002", from Arabic to English, Paris, France.

1993 Conceived and prepared "Water of Life", a special issue of the monthly
Courier of UNESCO on water, UNESCO, Paris, France.

1984 Wrote and presented a paper on: "The role of the Organization of
African Unity "OAU" in the liberation of Africa" at the African Jurists Association "AJA" seminar on Africa and the New Juridical Order, Libreville, Gabon.

1981 Researched and prepared a study on "Africa of the 1980s: a challenge for the Social Sciences", for the Social Science Department, UNESCO, Paris, France.

1978 Edited "The World Bank and Africa: A Dialogue for Development", a World Bank sponsored seminar report held in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Washington DC, USA.

1978 "The Sudanese Economy: New Perspectives", a paper based on World
Bank sources, Washington, DC, USA.

1977 "The World Bank and African Development", a paper based on World Bank sources Washington, DC, USA.

1970 "The role of Sudanese folklore in national consciousness and international understanding", a paper for the Sudanese Ministry of Information and Culture Khartoum, Sudan.

Continuous Education

2003 Doctorate Summa Cum Laude with greatest distinction in international relations, Strassford University, United Kingdom.

1994 Diploma of the School of Interpreters and Translators , Ecole Supérieure
des Interprètes et des Traducteurs (ESIT), the New University of the Sorbonne, Dauphine, Paris III, France.

1967 Master in Diplomacy and International Relations, International Institute of Public Administration, (IAAP), the Sorbonne, Paris, France.

1965 Bachelor of Laws (LLB), University of Khartoum, the Sudan.


International Scholastic Awards

1984 The Hague Academy of International Law Scholarship for Research in Human Rights.

1982 The UNESCO scholarship for post graduate research in public international law.

1981 The French Government scholarship for post graduate research in international law.

1962 The UNESCO travel grant for youth leaders.

Doctoral research

1995-2003"Spirituality, Faith and World Peace: Toward a New Peace Paradigm for the 21st Century", Ph.D. thesis and obtained the Doctorate Summa Cum Laude with greatest distinction in international relations, from Strassford University, the United Kingdom.


1981-1985 "The World Bank and the New International Economic Order", Ph.D. Dissertation Research in Public International Law, University of the Sorbonne, Paris, France.

1968-1975 "The Social History and the Cultural Evolution of a Sudanese Village, Um-Rawaba 1945-1975", Ph.D. Dissertation Research in the Sociology of Development, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes des Sciences Sociales, the Sorbonne, Paris, France.

Language Fluency:

Arabic: Fluent: speaking, reading, writing
English: Fluent: speaking, reading, writing
French: Fluent: speaking, reading, writing
German: Fair: speaking, reading, writing

Communications Consultant


Provides cross-cultural and interfaith communications
and International relations consultancy services

Public Speaking




TRAVELS FROM: Washington, DC

Making Business Personal


Lakeland, Florida

Phone: 863/816-6480 
Fax: 863/816-6480

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday from 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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     Mary Smith - 12

     Tanya Matthews - 21

     Ianthe Philips - 3

    Daniel Brooks - 6

     Terry Strong - 8

  Richard Smith - 9

Beverly Boatwright - 9

Leonard Mitchell - 12 

Regi Patterson, Sr. - 23

Beverly Milton Bailey I - 26

Reginald Ardis - 27

Loretha Williams -27

  Evelyn Hobbs - 6

  E. T. Pickett, Jr. - 14

  Jeannine Powell - 17

   Gregory Nixon - 17

   Malik Daniels - 19

Romario Davis - 22

  Lena S. Pickett - 22

  Aisha Philips - 23

  Dr. Twyla Hoodah - 24

    Ann Adderley - 27  

 Reginald Davenport - 5

   Claudy Strong - 6

    Mary Bunch -  8

   Judy Mathis - 8 

Michael Ardis - 15

  Frank Black - 16

Yvonne Roberts - 18

  Betty Porter - 21

Juanita Brown - 26

Justin Crouch - 29 

Stevelena Davenport - 30

    Regi Patterson, Jr. - 5

 Mildred T. Blake - 6

 Julius Crouch, Sr. - 13

   Divine  Forte - 14

   Sonya Lux - 14

   Tonya Lux - 14 

 Kyria Dubose - 24 

Constance Joyce Jordan-7 

Doris M. Bailey - 8

Kenneth Strong, Jr. - 11

     Sonji Coney - 15

Shamir Hobbs  - 21 

Rev. Howard Mathis - 15

    Lisa Spears - 14


Julie Von McShay - 1

   Artis Dukes, Jr. - 2

   Mary L. Mathis - 8

  Archie L. Smith, Sr. - 8 

    Lanette Alic - 10

   Bernice Smith - 15

   Mary F. Bailey - 19 (D)

   Bruce D. Moore - 27

   Gwen Cooper  -1

   Donovan Saxon - 2

      Annie Mott - 2

    Diane Dukes - 2

    Dale O'Neal - 10

Charlotte M. Diggs - 13

    Johnnie Moore - 20

   Diamond Willix - 22 

Stephanie Franklin - 25 

   Juan Patterson - 29

      Bertie Newbern - 30

  Bland Lewis 
    Vancilla G. Williams - 3

        Bryson Bailey - 4

  Daphne Matthews - 6

   "Bam"  Cooper - 6

   George Davis - 12

  Sandy Moore - 14

Jacquie Purdie Lewis - 16
      Bill Moore - 16

      Roz Black - 16

Dr. Roy C. Elrod - 16

   Joyce Hogan - 18

   Alfredia Lightsey - 18

       Karyn Beach - 21

          Asonja Cross - 24

  Johnny "LJ" Moore - 24

 Kimberley R. Crouch - 1 

Mary E. G. Moore Richards -2 (D)

 Sheryll Brooks Mitchell - 2 

         "Trina" Green - 11

         Aarica Ardis -16

        Denai Ardis - 16

    Gregory Powell - 17

     Dolores Corbett - 19

       Gloria Nixon - 25  

S. Naeem Nixon, Jr. - 1
      Brooks Mitchell - 5

    Artis Dukes, Sr. - 12

    Ahmad Daniels - 15

    A. Lois Rhoden - 19 

       Troy Lux - 22

Virginia Cummings Lang- 23  

        Bridget Bailey - 24

Demetrius McDougal - 30

 Deloris P. Patterson - 4

     Shalay Rhoden - 9

   Bernard Cooper - 12

     William Reed - 13

Mildred Robinson - 17
   Brenda Terry - 17

  Kwesi Patterson - 22

Albertha Whittley-Tabron - 24

   Alex Dukes - 25 (D)

Gwendolyn Young - 26

 B. Milton Bailey II - 27 

Dr. Carl H. Newbern - 27     



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